Moon and star necklace, 18k Gold plated necklace with celestial pendant




  • Stainless steel
  • 14k Gold plating
The Moon and Star Necklace is an 18k gold plated jewelry piece that features a celestial pendant. The design of this necklace is inspired by the symbolism of the moon and stars, which have been used in various cultures throughout history to represent different ideas and beliefs. The moon has been associated with feminine energy, intuition, and creativity, while the star symbolizes guidance, inspiration, and hope. Together, they create a powerful symbol of harmony, balance, and unity. The pendant is intricately designed with delicate details, capturing the beauty and mystery of the cosmos. With its stunning looks and rich symbolism, the Moon and Star Necklace would make an excellent addition to any jewelry collection. It is perfect for those who seek to add a touch of elegance and meaning to their style.

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