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Fill in the personalization box the chain length + engraving text/photo on the front if needed + engraving text/photo on the backside if needed + font number.
Engraving can be a name or any custom text. It can contain any symbols/emojis or be in any language. Please note longer the text smaller the font we're going to use. You can choose the font on the last image of this listing. You also can send us your custom photo/image to engrave.
The pendant is available in two sizes: 20mm (0.8") and 25mm (1"). 20mm pendant is used in most photos. There is one photo where you can see both sizes with labels.


High-quality stainless steel + PVD vacuum coating with 18k gold.
Stainless steel does not tarnish and possesses a level of robustness and scratch resistance that surpasses that of silver. The vacuum coating technique makes our jewelry last much longer than other plated or even gold-filled jewelry. And it doesn't fade.
Our jewelry is hypoallergenic and water-resistant.
This item comes in our beautiful jewelry box.

Production Time

For a custom-made piece it takes 1 - 3 business days to produce after we receive all the necessary information.
Once your order is ready, the shipping time is 5 - 14 days for international deliveries.

About the product

The Personalized Engraved Photo Necklace is a unique piece of jewelry, serving as a sentimental keepsake to capture and cherish precious moments. Its design conveys an intimate symbolism of remembrance, love, and closeness, representing the emotional bonding and connection you share with your loved ones. This bespoke accessory is crafted to preserve enduring memories, striking a perfect balance between elegance and personal meaning, making it a timeless piece to hold onto.
The very essence of the necklace's design lies in its personalized touch, where you can engrave a cherished photo into the pendant. This distinct design element symbolizes a lasting connection with the person or moment captured in the image. It accentuates the intrinsic value of keeping your most cherished memories close to your heart. Each Personalized Engraved Photo Necklace is not only a piece of jewelry but also a treasure trove of emotions and memories, uniquely encapsulated for you.

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